Tarot with Veronica 

Balance for your mind and spirit.

Combing her skills of coaching and the use of Tarot Cards

Tools for self-empowerment and personal development.

About Me

Professional and experienced

I began reading cards in my 20’s and developed a life long fascination with them.  I would often visit other readers and was often surprised of how accurate that they could be – maybe not at the time, but I would always take notes and then find reading relevant to my life in the future.

I focus on my intentions and  use the cards as a vehicle for support and guidance in particular areas and use them to help me and others to empower themselves to move into the fullness of their lives.

I use tarot cards as a tool for self-empowerment and personal development. I am not a fortune teller.

I am a life coach with over a decade of supporting and working with some of society’s most vulnerable people – helping them to help themselves. With my wide experience of working one to one with people and in a group settings,  I approach tarot cards from a different perspective.

I believe that when reading the cards for others, the cards can help the client tap into their own self-empowerment system that is already lies within them. The powerful imagery in the cards – my favorite cards are the Rider-Waite deck – can help to tap into clients imagination and subconscious mind so they can look at their challenges and options with a different array of choices.

Veronica Conway Morris

Veronica Conway Morris

Life coach, reader, trainer and performer

“I found Veronica’s reading to be accurate of my situation, whilst allowing me to look at my situation from a helpful and positive perspecitve.  Her questions and reading made me think about what I need to to do in order to move forward.   Thank you and I look forward to receiving another reading soon “

Katie Paterson


The Benefits of Tarot


Allow the cards to give you deep insights into your life

Self Empowerment

Begin to recognise the options and choices before you

Identify what you can do

Tarot can help us identify what we need to do to improve certain areas of our life

Relax & Refresh

Learn to allow yourself to focus on the positive and not the negative in your life.

Beauty of Mind

Allow the beauty of your mind shine through and begin to nourish your mind with positivity.

Mind & Soul

Recognise the areas of your life you need to focus and nurture for peace of mind and soul.

Ready for a Reading?

Contact Veronica and even if you can’t meet face to face, you can have a reading via email or Skype.