The Hierophant

9 june

The Hierophant is often shown as a religious figure. He is seen as a religious leader or spiritual mentor. He is often seen as representative of religious authority.

Perhaps you have been following an established religion or way of life but are now asking the question – is there more? Or is there another path to explore. Or perhaps look at the traditional path of your culture – is there more to experience?

When things around us are changing so rapidly, it is a good time to question the norm, authority, traditional religions and cultural behaviour.

Take today as an opportunity to think – are you ruled by convention and conformity?

Perhaps you have alternative views on life, spirituality or relationships to those around you, making you feel different.

Know that alternative thinking and exploring is part of developing as a person.

You may be very comfortable with the traditional life and that is okay too.

However, if you do have an interest in alternative spirituality or new age practices, this is a good time to explore.