Card of the Day

13 of June 2020

Ace of Swords

The Aces are all about new opportunities and new beginnings.

The sword is been held by a disembodied hand emerging from a cloud. The sword is topped by a crown with living leaves and fruit. It is a card of triumph and determination. You are ready to embark on something new or open ypur self to new experiences.

Perhaps you have been manifesting a new idea or project. Or been thinking about a new way of doing something tbat relates to work or relationships.

This card cuts through confusion and offers clarity and a clear focus. New ideas often emerge when we have been through change in our lives. Learn from your experiences.

The Ace of Swords is saying to me today – have a look at any new focus that you want to bring into your life and examine it with an open mind and and see it from all sides and if needed readjust your thinking or idea to fit into the life that you want to be living.