The High Priestess 14 June

This card represents secret knowledge and is a mysterious card.  It is a beautiful and powerful card. She appears to be  sitting in front of veiled temple doors. temple doors. Are you ready to step through to this mysterious world?

She represents all phases of the moon and the Goddess

She has appeared to help us lift the veil and see around us more clearly. We are more deeply tuned into our subconscious then we know.

Perhaps you have felt that you want to explore your spirituality more deeply.

It is only through experiences that we truly learn. Listen to your intuition, and where it guides you. Listen to what your inner self is saying. 

Push aside the chatter of your mind and really listen to your inner self. You know more then you think you do. If you have a decision to make, trust your intuition. A decision based on instinct will feel clear, empowering and right – a decision based on fear will tense up your body and mind. Listen and read what your body is saying to you.

Today, be open to any messages that may be presented to you, and allow any decisions to be made to be guided by your heart and soul.