16th June 2020


 I very recently pulled this as a daily card for a personal reading. And here it is showing up again. When a card keeps appearing – it means lessons still need to be learned. 

This card shows a person walking away from a wall with a gap in it, the sky is blue and the person is walking towards the mountains.

This card is saying that it is time to leave behind what has become the norm and step into a new journey.  Sometimes we need to search deep within to find what is missing in our life.

Today can be a good day to begin to make small changes in your life. When we step away from a situation and look at it from another angle, we get to see things differently and sometimes with more clarity.

This card is all about going on a journey and leaving things behind and reminding us that there  is something missing in our lives. We may have all the material things that we need, but we also need to feed and nourish our soul.

Today, take the first step into a journey that starts deep within and ask yourself what do I need to nourish my soul. It may begin with letting go of what no longer serves you, be it a negative habit, a negative thought process – or even a job or relationship.

Today, turn your attention and energies to something that will bring you closer to the life you want to be living