Card of the Day

Death Card

17 of June 2020

The image of this card can frighten people. The card depicts Death himself sitting astride a white horse carrying a flag with a white rose upon a black background (this was deemed to be a symbol of renewal by the Golden Dawn). There are a small child, an adult and a holy man all in front of the horse. When we look beyond this scene – the sun is rising in the background.


This is not a card to be feared – it is a powerful card of transformation and change.

When the Death card shows up, he is proclaiming it is time for renewal!

Each and every time we leave behind old habits, leave old relationships behind, start a new job, see things from a different point of view. Part of the old us dies and a new part is born.

Sometimes, something needs to die in order to make room for the new.   This card is signifying a need for the end of a cycle and whenever there is an end of a cycle or death – there is a need and time for mourning.  When we make changes, we do sometimes feel sorrow for what is now gone, this is a natural process of letting go.


Holding onto something or someone that is clearly no longer a positive influence in your life will only cause you more grief in the long run.


Change is inevitable, can be scary but is necessary in order for is to learn and move on.

This card is saying that in order to bring in the new – we must get rid of the old.

Today, take time to look at your life, your habits, your job, your relationships, your perspective – what needs to change, be rid or to enable the Universe to make room for the new?