Card of the Day

22nd June 2020

Five of Swords


Take note of the Swords in this card, the stormy clouds and rippled water as the winds are moving the sea and clouds.

Swords can be double-edged – much like people.  They can cut clearly through the maze of communication and be a welcome gift. Swords can represent double edges.

Tarot cards tell a story. Yesterday’s card asked us to look at what we are putting our energy into. 

Today’s reminds us that we may be defeated by some of the new challenges that we have in our life. Sometimes we have to adjust our way of thinking or our plans in order to move forward. Perhaps, someone who you thought you could rely on in your new plans, turns out not to be the right person or other obstacles may come your way.

It is how you readjust to changes is the message of this card. Not just in your ‘now’ situation – but in life in general. 

At times we have to make adjustments and bring about change. This is not always a comfortable process – but it is a necessary one. Change and challenges are part of life and the more we resist change the harder the process can become.

Today, take a look at what needs to be changed in yourself or your life   – is it your lifestyle, your job, your drinking habits, your food intake, your outlook, your way of thinking, your judgements of people, your ideas……  Notice this is all about your YOU – this is not about what we think other people need to do to make us more comfortable in our life.

Now is a good time to dig deep and ask yourself what needs to change, and when you find that thing in your life that needs to change –  to do something today towards that change.

Have a beautiful day