Card of the Day


23rd June 2020


The image of a woman, gently prising open the mouth of a lion, as the lion looks up at her, says to me that – gently strength is required today.

She is meeting no resistence from the lion and doesnt expect any.

Today, look towards your inner strength and self confidence.

If you want things to happenĀ  and it involves others, instilling and receiving cooperation through patience and inner strength and indeed the self confidence to ask for you need – will always get better results then trying to force an issue.

You have a wealth of experiences and have come through difficult changes and experiences to be who you are today.

Rely and believe in your instincts.

Today – or any other day – be aware of your emotions and particular anger or frustrations. If something arises that makes you feel anger, try dealing with the situation with compassion and balance instead.

Have a beautiful day