Card of the Day

26th June 2020

Four of Cups

When we look at this card, the young man is sitting with his arms folded looking at the 3 cups in front of him and either ignoring or does not see the cupnthe universe is offering him.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own emotions or have feel disatisfied by what we already have, that we fail to see what else is potentially on offer around us.

We need to open our eyes, minds and hearts to become aware of the opportunities that are around us.

Sometimes life can appear to become mundane or routine, but in order for relationships, jobs, friendships, hobbies or our creative process to keep fresh and fun , we need to work at these things to make them work.

Today, take a look at all that you do, and if there is one area of your life that appears to be mundane and failing, instead of blaming others, commit to sending more love and attention to that area if your life.

Have a beautiful day