Wheel of Fortune

The wheel is always turning, change is inevitable and life is always unfolding to the next chapter.

Sometimes people are on your wheel or roundabout for the duration and others are just around for a little while Ask yourself the question – what can you learn from those who are around you? What lesson are they here to teach you.

Not everyone is meant to be on your wheel of life forever. Let people, possessions and actions that no longer serve to go.

We can learn lessons from things that have happened in your life or people who made a short or longer appearance in your life. Sometimes even animals may appear on your wheel…. What were they here for and what did they teach you?

Change can sometimes be difficult and confusing. We are all going through change and perhaps at this time in history, more so then ever.

Change is here to stay. We should forever be evolving, trying new things and taking ourselves out of our comfort zone.

Allow yourself to embrace change and make decisions to flow with the change.

Often change happens because of external influences and we have no say in the matter.

What happens then? We can choose to resist and fight and go against this change and make ourselves angry, frustrated, unhappy and even sad. Or we can tweak our way of thinking, change our outlook and follow the path of least resistance and see what possible opportunities are around us.

However, be conscious that this external change is not making us turn a blind eye to injustice or inhuman ways – injustice to others should always be resisted and challenged.

If you feel that things are not going so well for you at the moment then believe that change is around the corner – but you need to look for those opportunities. Lady luck really does not come knocking on your door – you need to go out and make it happen – give the universe a helping hand to help you!

On the other side, if things are going really well for you, then be aware that challenges may be around the corner. Don’t take everything for granted. enjoy these moments when life is good and things are going well.

Life is a wheel and constantly moving. Be prepared for the change that is coming.

Ask yourself today, what are you really grateful for in your life and take a moment to really appreciate them. The only moment we really have is right now, so enjoy.