Magic & Life Secrets

  • Empower your vision, life and craft
  • Develop divination practice
  • Explore the magic of transformation
  • Discover the power of story, and illusion
  • Be inspired by encouraging coaches and mentors

Explore magical skills with skilled practitioners, Mario and Veronica Morris who are committed to living and pursuing magical lives. They provide Tarot and scrying readings, self-development and divination workshops. They create sacred celebrations and ritual practice and retreats.

They perform inspirational Magic Shows, share powerful stories and talks on stage, street, events and festivals. They combine their experiences of travel, adventure, performance, coaching, mentoring and spiritual journeys to bring a unique spin to all that they do.

Based in Glastonbury, they been featured in Las Vegas eight times and have taught and performed all over the World.

If you have an interest in self-development, alchemy, Celtic shamanism, magic and storytelling, tarot, scrying, coaching and mentoring.  Are you wanting to have a deeper understanding of magic and apply that meaning to your life and practice?  Then Magic Wizardry is for you.

Weekend retreats and focuses

Magic Wizardry

For lovers of mystery, who want to better themselves and the world around them.

Magic Arts self Development Circles

Magic Arts Circle Glastonbury

Magic Arts Circle Glastonbury

Coaching, tarot and divination development

Divination readings and Training

Divination, readings and Magic Wizardry Training. Helping you to empower yourself.

Wizardry Tours Glastonbury

Wizardry Tours Glastonbury

Wizardry Tours Glastonbury

Magic Shows & paranormal experiments

Magic Shows and inspiring presentations.

Magic Shows & paranormal experiments

The School of Busking and Wizardry

Where magicians, storytellers, bards and poets develop their skills and take them to the next level.

Where magicians, storytellers, bards and poets develop their skills and take them to the next level.

What others are saying

Las Vegas Master Magicians, Eugene Burger and Jeff McBride on Magic and Wizardry, Glastonbury.

This is a beautiful and spiritual experience in a spectacular setting filled with centuries of history.  (Mario and Veronica) created the most spectactular event. I feel lucky to have been part of it! Thank you.

Delores Abdella Combs, Poet and Author

The Elemental walk was incredible. From the pressing of the apple cidar to the wind on the hillside, the walking through the archway of fire on The Tor, the grounding to the quenching in the water of the cave (White Springs). It was alchemical! That is how swords are made. An amazin and transformational weekend…

Clinton Combs, Performer and Magician

A lovely uplifting and life changing two days – it felt more like a week as we acheived so much!

Lorraine Fisher

Working with Mario was a great pleasure.  He has years of experience, and, more importantly, knows how to communicate this experience to students of the art.  Patience and professionalism combine to create an excellent learning environment.  We look forward to continuing our classes and including Mario in our programs. 

Jeff McBride, Las Vegas Headliner Magician

Magic Wizardry Blog

The Magic of the Pendulum

The Magic of the Pendulum

The Magic of The Pendulum  In the month of  November, we have been gathering in Glastonbury in The Miracles Room, on a Thursday evening for our Magic Wizardry Arts Circle. Here we create a sacred and safe space for people who want to learn, share and practice magical...

The Power of the Full Moon

The Power of the Full Moon

The Power of the Full Moon    Have you ever felt yourself over energised or over emotional?  Have you ever lay in bed and felt your body tinglying, your mind busy and unable to sleep - then you look out the window and realise that the moon is full?   The...

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We talk about 4 points of practice

  • Gratitude
  • Letting Go
  • Positive Affirmations through meditation
  • Grounding

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