Experience the intuitive coaching and readings of Mario Morris

A complete full focus on what matters to you. Mario Morris’s coaching and mentoring practice (PGC) Oxford Brookes University.

Mario’s intutive practice will help you discover the keys to becoming your own best expert.


  • Transformational Coaching
  • Intutive readings and tarot
  • Seeing and Scrying
  • Guided meditation and hypnosis

This practice is about you. Your performance, presentation, skills development and planning to take yourself to the next level.


  • One to one private sessions
  • Live through skype or whatsapp
  • Remote readings – (audio recordings)
  • Group coaching – (Team building)
  • Living room and party reading and demostrations.

Mario has effectively provided coaching and mentoring around the world either one to one, in groups and platform focuses. He also provides residential coaching and retreats.

Veronica Morris an intuitive Tarot Card reader and coach.

Helping you see beyond the veil

Veronica can help you tap into your subconscious to help you to make the best decisions to move forward in your life. No-one knows you and your life better than you.

Veronica will help bring you

  • Clarity
  • Transformation, and
  • Insight