Tarot Reading with Veronica Conway Morris 

Combining her skills of coaching and Tarot Cards

Tools for self-empowerment and personal development.

I am a intuitive Tarot Card reader and coach.

There is a reason that you are here today.

I can help you tap into your sub-conscious to help you to make the best decisions to move forward in your life. No-one knows you and your life  better then you.

I will not be telling your your fortune or predicting your future, I will read the cards and help you see the obstacles in your life and help you overcome them.  

Helping you to help yourself.

If you have any questions about my practice, before you book – please do contact me. 

Looking for a Tarot Card Reader for your next event or gathering?

I also travel to people’s houses, hen party, gathering and events.  I can mix and mingle with your guests at gatherings or invite me to a girls night in.  For an evening of paranormal entertainment – invite Mario Morris with his Spirit Wizard Show  and create of magic and wonder.  

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I found Veronica’s reading to be accurate of my situation, whilst allowing me to look at my situation from a helpful and positive perspecitve.  Her questions and reading made me think about what I need to to do in order to move forward.   Thank you and I look forward to receiving another reading soon 

Katie Paterson

Dear Veronica,
Thank you so much for your beautiful and very helpful reading.  The first thing that I became aware of was a crystal like clarity of your energy.  It feels like there is absolutely no interference in what you are seeing in the cards and I trust your words which resonate powerfully with me…..  this is an authentic divination which results from your direct connection with the Divine…  There is no personal agenda or ego getting in the way and causing interference with this connection.  WOW!!! 
I feel a very deep gratitude for this reading.  You have delivered the message with care and with love.  Thank you so very much!  It has really helped to give me some well timed clarity.
Love and thanks,
Yoland Kading

Very good reading, and prompt delivery

Emi Gab

This has been a very enlightening reading, delivered with compassion and clarity. Veronica has a deep insight and I am left with the feeling that she has a strong connection with her cards. It is a connection which goes beyond this material plain and enables her to glean valuable knowledge and information which resonates with me on many levels, and has been passed on to me exactly at the time that I need to receive it. As with everything in life, the timing is perfect. I am filled with gratitude. Thank you


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