Welcome to the World of Magic and Wizardry! Here, every show, expression, and creative gathering is infused with magic, meaning, and mystery.

This is our online creative magical hub, where all our passions, endeavor’s, and community come together in one place. From performing and travel to crafting inspiring magical gatherings, workshops, training, and sustainable alternative living, we bring Magic Wizardry to life with nothing held back.

You’re invited to become part of the community and explore its benefits and services we offer.

Performing – AIR

  • Magic Shows
  • Street Performances
  • Sacred Arts Circles
  • Bizarre Magic with Meaning
  • Festivals & Events

Creating – FIRE

  • Magical Props
  • Jewelry & Crafts
  • Alternative Builds (Camper Vans, Shelters, Eco Homes)

Training – WATER

  • Workshops
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Group Sessions
  • One-on-One  (Tarot, Scrying, Self-Discovery Journeys)
  • Community Events

Events – EARTH

  • Sacred Gatherings
  • Retreats
  • Skill-Learning Events
  • Sacred Sites (Glastonbury, Coed in Wales, Crystal Mountain in Spain)


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What others say

“Working with Mario is a great pleasure. He has years of experience and more importantly, he knows how to communicate this experience to the students of the arts.”

Jeff McBride

Founder of Magic and Mystery School, Las Vegas

A powerful, moving, brilliant focus. I loved every minute of it. Mario and Veronica are fabulous trainers. Everything was presented in a clear way.

Tina Sayer

Family Life Coach

This is a beautiful and spiritual experience in a spectacular setting filled with centuries of history.  (Mario and Veronica) created the most spectactular event. I feel lucky to have been part of it! Thank you

Delores Abdella Combs

Poet and Author

The Elemental walk was incredible. From the pressing of the apple cidar to the wind on the hillside, the walking through the archway of fire on The Tor, the grounding to the quenching in the w

Clinton Combs

Performer and Magician

Meet your hosts and enchanters:

– Mario Morris: Founder of Magic Wizardry, A magician, a bizarre magic storyteller, renowned master street magician, and recipient of the Merlin Street Magician of Wales Award. Teacher at Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas, founder of The School of Busking and Magic, and a practitioner of divination.

– Veronica Morris (Lady Vee): Magical entertainer, captivating storyteller, skilled balloon sculptor, creator of enchanting bubbles, manager of Magic Wizardry, and a practitioner of divination.