Fire Circles 


Alchemical Fire Circles

All are equal around the sacred fire circles and all are welcome.

Magic Wizardry Alchemical Fire Circles

We love to host Fire Circles both indoors and out. It is not always possible to have an outdoor Fire and here in the UK, we  have an indoor alternative. 

We create and conduct Fire Circles to allow us to bring our lead  and turn it into gold. In other words,  we let go of what no longer serves us and turn our thoughts and actions into the positive – our gold. 

We gather around the fire to bring life to our intentions and dreams through movement, drumming, voice and play

Our fire circles empower us to find spiritual connections;

Fire brings people together;

Fire circles can help us define our life path;

They allow us to let go of old negative habits and bring in new ones;

The relationship between moving around the fire, drumming and chants can bring about a trance-like state that can allow us to go deep within;

They can be the catalyst to bring about change and transformation;

Fire Circle participants  offer their energy to the Fire Circle through chants, drumming and movement.  

There are no observers at our Fire Circles.

WE encourage all to join in the singing, dancing and drumming.

Even when not moving, drumming or chanting, you can bring your energy to the circle by standing on the perimeter of the circle with a shaker or drum or perhaps offering drinks or snacks to the dancers or drummers.  

The energy is collective and we all participate. 

The Fire Circle can bring about healing, transformation and physical and spiritual alchemy that follows you into everyday life.

Our gatherings raise energy through  movement, chant,  voice and drumming. We refrain from mind alternative substances and alcohol during our fire circles. 

Testomonies from participants October 2019