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A Unique Event

We can share a  lifetime of study of divination, magic, legends and myths with you and your guests.

Amaze your guests with an entertaining paranormal demonstration and presentation from Mario Morris.  This can last up to 30 minutes, followed by individual or walkabout Tarot card readings for your guests.

Our readings will provide inspiring, positive and entertaining readings for your guests. 

“The most powerful sources of information come from within and the Tarot aids in coming in contact with one’s Higher Self.”


Mario Morris

Mario Morris

A certified coach, motivational speaker, performer, scryer and reader.  With over 20 years experienece of international perfomance, teaching and menotring, Mario has a uniquely accurate ability to read people and help others tap into what they need to know to begin to live the life they want to live.

Veronica Morris

Veronica Morris

Veronica Morris has a wealth of experience of working with people and helping them reach their goals. 

Her readings are positive, insightful and sensitive. Her readings focus on people personal strengths, leaving your guests with a reading they won’t forget.


Create a Unique Experience

Breaking the mold of mysterious looking readers, we have been described as modern day mystics, creating an elegant, modern approach to divination, paranormal demonstrations and entertainment.

We are a popular choice as we have the flexibility and experience to entertain a wide range of people in a varieity of diferent settings.  We are entertainers with over 20 years of experience.  Our expertise and intuitive approach allows us to fit into your event and meet your guests needs. 


Mario can give his paranormal presentation in any setting and to any number of guests – be it small and intimate or a large venue.  

Your Event

An evening of unique entertainment in your home – a group of 6 + you as host – we can visit you at your home.


If you are hosting a corporate or public event and looking for a unique twist to your evening – invite Mario to do his paranormal presentation and offer readings to your guests.  If the paranormal does exist… wouldn’t you want to see it in front of your eyes?  


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