Magic & Wizardry Circle







Experience magical skills each week. From storytelling, tarot, scrying, pendulums and more. Drop in at the start of a session or come to each weekly session. It’s up to you.

We enjoy and are experienced in creating safe spaces for people.

Each session will have a different magical focus. Each session will include the following each week – grounding, guided meditation, raising of energy through chant and percussion instruments, learning and sharing of positive rituals and habits to help bring us closer to the life we want to be living.

No experience required.

We welcome all and only ask that you bring an open mind and heart. We ask that we respect all other participants and share our love of the elements and mother Earth.


A warm welcome
An opening circle of introductions and perhaps a little about you
Learning workshops
Sharing of positive rituals and habits
A positive circle of, ritual and workshops