Mystery Mystic of Magic

Where Magic, story and transformation become one

Mystery Mystic of Magic is show like no other that is riddled with meaning and hope. Performed around fire circles, festivals and sacred circles. It can also be transported indoors and performed under soft lighting and around a sacred candle.

Theatrical magic and transformation is at the heart of this performance. It will take you the audience on your own journey of turning your lead into gold in a ritual like performance that is suitable for all who accept the challenge of going beyond fantasy and seek there own inner truth.

The show is Shamanic in nature, Bardic in delivery Mario and Veronica are the Mystery Mystics of Magic 

The whole performance is where Magic and Story come together to unlock secrets of aincent wisdom  and awaken and empower the audience. 


This show is perfect for the stage, parlor, house or hotel parties, ladies nights, family gatherings and corporate events,

You can book this show as a stand-alone show for your event or family gathering or you can book this show as part of Mario Morris training focus, The Magic and Wizardry School