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Paranormal PlayTime -

  Paranormal Playtime can be booked out privately 


Step into the enigmatic world of the paranormal and experience an enthralling journey into mystery, magic, and unexplained phenomena.  Join us for a captivating immersive experience were you will hear intriguing tales and witness  curious demonstrations, and participate in circle work, divination practices, psychic experiments, and mediumship.

Guided by the enchanting Mario Morris, a masterful Wizard of the spirit realm, you will explore the veil between worlds in a safe and uplifting environment. Hosted by the mystical Veronica Conway Tarot and circle work practitioner.  Be prepared to challenge your senses while having fun and gaining insight into the mysteries of the spirit world. Come join us for a night of unforgettable exploration and discovery!

No previous experience necessary for 18 to 108 yr olds.  

Can't wait for our next public Playtime? Book out this paranormal evening in your own home or a venue of your choice.  Contact us below. 

High Street, Glastonbury

The show incorporates audience participation, with volunteers selected to participate in experiments and demonstrations. The host invites the audience to share their own experiences and questions, making for a truly immersive and engaging experience.

Experience - Circle work, Guided Meditation, Demonstrations, Readings, Storytelling and take part in a  Psychic Discovery Workshop.

For 18s and over

What people are saying about

Mario Morris and Veronica Conway Morris

Riveting, phenomenal,  remarkable, unpredictable…  I can now take the things I have learned into my everyday life. Thank you very much.

Tomos Grove

Tomos attended our focused training.

This is a beautiful and spiritual experience in a spectacular setting filled with centuries of history.  (Mario and Veronica) created the most spectacular event. I feel lucky to have been part of it! Thank you

Delores Abdella Combs

Delores attended our focused training

A powerful, moving, brilliant focus. I loved every minute of it. Mario and Veronica are fabulous trainers. Everything was presented in a clear way

Tina Sayer

Tina attended our focused training

Coaching with Mario Morris is an invaluable tool to empower your self-development and your path to success.

Rebecca Szwandt

Entrepreneur, Yoga teacher and coaching client of Mario's