Saturday -14 September – 9.30 to 5pm


Journey into the mystical realms of four primary archetypes—the Clown, Magician, Seer, and the Wizard—in a captivating one-day course. Engage in interactive workshops, playful explorations, character development, guided meditations, and enchanting storytelling. Discover the profound roles these archetypes play in our lives, fostering personal well-being, performance, performance developement and spiritual growth,


Tools we will use

body, movement, breath, voice, mind, spirit, tarot, drums, as well as illustrated demonstrations in this packed inspiring day.

The experience

We will step into a transformative one-day journey exploring archetypes—embrace the roles of the Clown, Magician, Seer, and the Wizard through movement, play, and discovery. Ideal for those seeking spiritual growth and willing to dive into character development and expression through performing arts, guided meditation, and storytelling. Learn practical techniques to integrate archetypal wisdom into daily life and community. Connect with like-minded souls in a supportive environment focused on personal and collective transformation. Perfect for enthusiasts eager to deepen their understanding and skills in archetypal exploration and both practical and spiritual application. –

No experience necessary

What you will experience.

Morning Session: Introduction and Deep Dive into Archetypes

9:30 Welcome and Course Introduction, Opening Circle

  • Activity: Icebreaker and participant introductions
  • Overview: Brief introduction to archetypes and their importance

10:00 The Clown, Fool Archetype

  • Session Focus: The Clown – Trickster, Fool, Jester
    • From shamans, ancient tricksters to modern clowns
    • Symbolism: Themes of chaos, humour, and social reflection
  • Activity: Group exercise in developing your inner clown
  • Discussion: Role of the Clown in society

11:00 Break

11:15 The Magican Archetype

  • Session Focus: The Wizard – Magician, Conjurer, Shaman
    • From shamans to performing and ritual magicians, and wizardry
    • Symbolism: Themes of transformation, theatrical magic, the power of illusion, and Magic with a K
  • Activity: Creating a short story outline featuring a wizard character
  • Discussion: Ethical implications of magical power

12:15 Q&A Session

  • Open Floor: Participants ask questions and share insights

12:30 Lunch Break

Afternoon Session: Further Exploration and Integration

1:30 The Seer Archetype

  • Session Focus: The Oracle – Seer, Diviner, Healer
    • From ancient oracles to modern psychics
    • Symbolism: Themes of intuition, prophecy, healing, and guidance
  • Activity: Practicing basic divination techniques (e.g., drawing a tarot card)
  • Discussion: The role of divination and guided storytelling

2:30 Break

2:45 The Wizard Archetype

  • Session Focus: The Sage – Master, Teacher, Wise Elder
    • From ancient philosophers to modern mentors
    • Symbolism: Themes of wisdom, teaching, and enlightenment
  • Activity: Reflection on life experiences with sage figures and guided meditation
  • Discussion: The role of the Sage in contemporary society

4:00 Break

4:15 Integrating Archetypes

  • Session Focus: Interconnections Between Archetypes
    • Overlapping traits and complementary roles
  • Activity: Group discussion on how archetypes manifest in everyday life
  • Personal Application and Reflection:
    • Short Discussion: How these archetypes can coexist and interact in modern contexts
    • Exercise: Developing a personal action plan based on archetypal insights
    • Discussion: Sharing action plans and providing peer feedback

4:45 Closing Circle

Closing Remarks and Q&A

  • Summary: Recap of key insights from the day

Materials Provided:

  • Notes: Summaries of each archetype and their key themes
  • Reading List: Recommended books and articles for further exploration
  • Activity Sheets: Guidelines for exercises and activities conducted during the course

Who Will Benefit from Our Course:

Individuals Interested in Personal Growth and Self-Discovery:

Performing Artist: Magicians, actors, storytellers, circus performers and artists:

Spiritual Seekers and Practitioners: Educators and Coaches:

Therapists and Healers: Psychotherapists, counselors, and holistic healers,

Fans and Practitioners of Magic and Mysticism,

Community Organisers and Facilitators:

Host & Guides

Mario Morris

Mario Morris

Your guide, host and founder of Magic Wizardry

Mario Morris, with over thirty years as a magician and educator – specialises in magic, character development, and esoteric practices. Starting with clowning in his performing carrier, he evolved into a renowned magician and world expert in street theatre, known as a wizard in Glastonbury. Founder of Magic and Wizardry in Glastonbury and Malaga, Mario also the founder and director of the School of Busking and teacher at the Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas. His coaching degree in coaching and mentoring from Oxford Brookes University and further studied and practices in Spiritual Life coaching highlighting his commitment to empowerment. Mario blends shamanic clowning, storytelling, divination, ceremonial magic, and alternative living to create transformative experiences, emphasising positive energy and life change.

Veronica Conway Morris

Veronica Conway Morris

Veronica is your dedicated host for the day. With over two decades of experience in event hosting, mentoring, and training individuals to achieve their aspirations, she’s poised to guide you toward realizing your dreams.

Drawing from a rich background in performing and crafting magical moments for diverse audiences, both young and old, Veronica is not only a seasoned public speaker, but also an inspirational storyteller, writer, and Tarot reader. Her vast repertoire brings a wealth of experience and insight to the table. Her true passion lies in witnessing people unlock their full potential, and she’s fully committed to supporting you in doing just that throughout hosting this extraordinary Bizarre Glastonbury event.


There are array of B&B and hotels in Glastonbury in the area that you can book.

If you prefer to camp or have a motor home or a caravan then we have the perfect place for you in eye view of the Tor

We are here to help and serve you on your magical journey,

in love and Peace.

Mario and Veronica 




What better location for this one day focus of mystery, magic and meaning than the mystical, ancient town of Glastonbury. The perfect setting for this unique and special event: the spiritual home of magic, and all things mystical, spiritual and alternative!

Numbers are limited for this event, so to be sure of being a part of something unique and magical – book now to secure your space!