Mario Morris is a world-renowned expert in​

 Attracting, Entertaining and Inspiring Audiences

He has developed  this passion and learnt this skill as he has performed his Family Magic Street Show in the open air all over the World for more than 20 years

Mario Morris Street Magic Show

Mario Morris Street Theatre Magician
His Magic Show is witty and  fun and has lots of humour.  His show is family orientated and full of magic –  creating a real magical  experience to all those who watch.


  • Award winning slight of hand
  • Powerfull magical moments
  • Comedy and laughter


  • All things are possible
  • Magic is all around us
  • Hidden meanings
His Magic show is wonderful to watch and the whole audience will feel a part of the experience. 

Mario Morris is funny, charming and a wonderful, very entertaining magician.

Ruth Setton


“Mario Morris’s mastery of both indoor and outdoor Magic is really wonderful. I love his Work.” 

Eugene Burger

Grand Master of Magic

Magic Wizardry Blog


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