The Way of the Tarot

“The Way of The tarot” will take a deeper look into the Tarot through the eyes of travelling readers, storytellers and performers.

Magic Wizardry embraces the olds ways of the nomadic travellers, seers and wise folk and show folk and bring them together to meet your needs in the modern-day. Nomadic travellers, Show folk, Magicians, Bards and shamans have a rich history of the practice of the tarot.  Breaking the fortune-telling typecast, we use an intuitive approach that will enable the practitioner to entwine the story derived from a spread and apply it to intuitive reading. In this light, the Tarot can become a fantastic tool, for coaching, one to work and it will also remind us that we are the experts of our own lives. You will also gain insights on how this can become an extension to your practice or public presentations. You can take it to the next level of becoming a professional reader or it may suit you for a more of private practice. Whatever you focus this will be an extraordinary day of self-development and discovery.

Learn about

  • Different Tarot spreads
  • Using story to give readings
  • individual and group exercises designed to help you interpert the cards for others.


  • A guided meditation session to ground you and tune up your intuition.¬†
  • One to one readings
  • Reading for others
  • A greater sense of self-confidence
  • The company of like-minded fellow students and encouraging mentors

This one day focus will deliver workshops, breakout groups and a practical application.

What Do We Do:

We provide a great learning fun environment for attendees. A place where you can grow and cultivate your own practice and learn The Way of the Tarot.

How do we do it:

We draw from a wealth of experience of Worldwide travel and learning from life-enhancing alternative practices to performing. We bring these experiences and know-how into workshop settings, breakout groups, one to one and practical appliance.