The next part of our freedom journey was first making the decision to move out of our dwelling that has been home for the past 7 years and then once the decision was made, it began to feel that events began to dovetail together, confirming that we have made the right decision.

The next part was to rid ourselves of possessions that we have gathered over the years  (as I write this, we move out of in 2 days time), and have moved at least 4 van loads to various locations – our new School of Busking HQs, charity shops, and our local recycling centre.

The first and biggest job was to go through our personal magic, magic stock, and books.  This took 3 solid days.  We had and still have a lot.  But, the difference is now we can see exactly what we have and can begin to get creative with what we have and what we want to learn and we want to move on. Result!  Organised magic and books in our HQ!

We also have an incredible library of self-development books gathered over the years and added to as Mario studied for his coaching degree and me with my practice of continuous development learning. If you ever want to visit our HQ’s you can take a comfy seat and pick one up.  Inspiration on a visible shelf instead of hidden away in hard to get to corners of rooms.

Then it came to our personal items – at the beginning of this process, every single item was held up by me or Mario and we asked the questions  – do I need this, does it bring me joy, when did I last use it? That worked for the first few days and the first couple rooms.  We quickly realised that we had too much ‘stuff’ to do this and by the end of this process the item if not work or business related, the item was being relegated to a pile either to a car boot sale, charity shop or recycling centre.  We got quite ruthless in the end.  It was a wake-up call to realise ‘stuff’ was not really bringing so much joy.   Actually, clearing out stuff was clearing my head!  I am making room for the creativity I want in my life.

What this process is teaching me is that – less is more.  I have given at least 4 full bags of clothes to our favorite charity shop Interaid in Cardiff,  now I am left with only my favorite clothes making dressing much quicker and more fun each day – because everything I now own is one of my favorite things!

A week ago I put aside quite a big bag full  of photos, cards, and letters and thought – I’ll put this box into the attic in our holiday apartment in Edinburgh.  Last night I realised I probably wouldn’t look at these for another 5 or more years.  So I went through (most of my) albums, digitally took copies of all the photos that I really liked, held onto a couple that were very special to me, held onto my letters of love from Mario, cards that my mom had she kept from me that my dad passed onto me and ripped up and let go off the rest.  I didn’t feel sad, I felt liberated and free to move on.

In between this, we ran a fantastic Street Theatre & Busking Course, with 8 awesome and inspiring students, had a weekend booked performing our shows and Mario has been kicking our streets shows in this beautiful summer weather.

Stepping into freedom.  We will keep you posted of our journey.


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