Magic Ritual & Storytelling

7 day Retreat in the mountains of Andulucia, Spain
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Magic, Ritual and Storytelling retreat

 A gathering for those who wish to bring magic, ritual and story into their lives. Here we will explore well-being, creative expression,  positive attitudes,  alternatively living, self-development, mindful elemental fire rituals and workshops.

We will discover the power of storytelling to guided meditation, We will explore ritual and magic and discover how it can enhance our lives and you will learn how to infuse deeper meaning into your practice

Discover the secrets in storytelling, magic, crystals, healing, tarot, coaching, and mentoring. This is for anyone with a love for mystery and alternative thinking.

No previous experience is required – just an open mind and an open heart.

Come join the retreat… 7 days of wonder, in the heart of the magical mountains of Andalucia. This is where you can develop your craft and enhance your practice in the company of like-minded fellow students and encouraging mentors. During this transformational retreat, you may participate in workshops, and exercises designed to empower and energise you and your practice.

  • The power of storytelling and magic
  • Positive and Alternative Living
  • Readings, Tarot and divination
  • Importance of positive self-talk and belief
  • The Elements
  • The power of Fire Circles (dependent on fire laws in Andalucia in November -candles as a substitute)
  • Stories and magic with meaning
  • Partake in a sacred circle, mindful guided meditation, drumming and movement.
  • Empowering presentations
  • Workshops
  • Guided Meditation 
  • Local walks and attractions
  • Good food and company.

7 - 12 November 2022

Magic Wizardry are holding  a week’s retreat in the mountains of Andalusia- just 30 minutes from Malaga airport. The theme is magic, ritual and storytelling.   (The program is subject to small changes)

Day 1 – arrival, food and evening gathering. 

Day 7 – Closing circle, contacts, departures to the airport 


What's included


All workshops 


Local activities 

Healthy and home cooked food prepared by Jacky – the wonderful chef

Shared rustic accommodation

Transport to and from Malaga Airport

Free Time

We have designed enough free time for you so you can enjoy the Andalucian mountains and countryside.  There are spaces enough for you to focus on whatever it is that you want to do. Go walking, meditate, write or draw. It’s your retreat its up to you how what you do in your spare time.


7 - 12 November 2022

The early bird price for this 7 day retreat is £980 – this includes – shared accommodation, food, workshops, activities and transport to and from Malaga airport.  You can get the early bird deal by paying your deposit before 30th September 2022.



By paying the deposit you agree to the T&C

Mario Morris and Veronica Conway Morris are experienced facilitators of sacred events, coaches, readers and trainers for over 15 years.

Mario is a perfomer, Coach & Mentor (PGC Oxford Brookes University), ceremonial magician, storyteller, trainer, reader and traveller. With his vast experience and travels he runs Magic Wizardry transformational events with his wife and partner Veronica.

Veronica is a performer, coach, writer, qualified trainer(SQAL6) and traveller. She brings her unique training style and experiences to Magic Wizardry events.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a Retreat?

A retreat is exactly what it sounds like – the chance to step aside from life for a while, to rest, and just ‘be’ in a welcoming, peaceful place. A time to focus and recharge. 

Who goes on your retreats

Retreats are for ordinary people at any time in their lives.  However, some are at a crossroads in their lives or looking for guidance in their spiritual practice. There are no expectations from any of our participants.

Can I do my own thing at the retreat?

There will be an expectation of you to attend most of the  workshops and talks, but there is plenty free time, for you to do what you like in and around the retreat. 

Is this retreat right for me?

Do you:

  • Wish for some quiet time?

  • Want a week to develop your interests?

  • Want to know more about magic ritual and storytelling?

  • Need some time for reflection away from work or family?

  • Want to deepen your spirituality?

  • Want to be close to nature in a mountainside retreat in Southern Spain?

Then our retreat might be just for you.

What kind of place is the retreat centre?

At the retreat center, we are connected is in the heart of the Andalucian mountains, near Malaga.  It is 3000 feet above sea level and next to a nature reserve. The family that runs the center, are facilitators and practitioners of shamanic and alternative retreats and workshops. 

Shared accommodation is separate cozy, rustic rooms on the land, placed around the main house.  Eating happens in the main house and showers and toilets are connected to the main house as well.  We will be using their sacred Maluka tent for ceremonies, meditation, and workshops along with their outdoor patios and indoor rooms. 




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call/Whatsapp on 0044 (0) 7462535533

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