Bizarre Magic and Wizardry Weekend Focus

Glastonbury, October 5th-6th 2019

The Avalon Rooms, High Street


A weekend focus on bizarre magic and practical applications. Storytelling, self-development, and mindful rituals workshops.

(This is a Pay-What-You-Can, self development weekend focus – see below for full payment details)

The Focus

Calling all those  who have an interest in storytelling, magic, crystals, healing, tarot, coaching, mentoring and anyone with a love for mystery and a taste for the bizarre. No previous experience required – just an open mind and an open heart.
A weekend focus on bizarre storytelling, magic , self-development and mindful rituals.
Come join the circle… 2 days of wonder, in the heart of magical Glastonbury, where you can develop your craft and enhance your practice in the company of like-minded fellow students and encouraging mentors. During 2 transformative days, you will participate in a series of training sessions, workshops, and exercises designed to empower and energise you and your practice and create an even more powerful rapport with your personal practice, work or  clients that you work with.
What better location for this weekend of wonders than the mystical, ancient town of Glastonbury. The perfect setting for this unique and special event: the spiritual home of magic, and all things mystical, spiritual and bizarre!
Numbers  are limited for this event, so to be sure of being a part of something unique and magical and book now to secure your slot! Create power in your practice through magic and storytelling. Discover a simple system for Tarot reading – even for beginners! Self-development rituals to carry you forward towards your goals and dreams…

Learn about

  • The power of storytelling and magic
  • Reading, Scrying and Tarot
  • Self-development rituals
  • The conscious and subconscious brain
  • Importance of positive self talk and belief
  • Visualisation techniques


  • Shows and demonstrations
  • stories and magic with meaning
  • Experience a Bizarre Magic routine
  • Partake in a sacred circle, mindful guided meditation, drumming and movement.
  • Empowering presentations
  • Hands-on workshops
  • A circle of good, creative mindful people

Your hosts Mario Morris and Veronica Conway Morris

Ticket Information

This is a Pay-What-You-Can Event! 

The full price of this workshop is £175 but we want to make it accessabile to those who can’t pay that but would love to come – look at our ticket options below.

 £25 deposit + Pay What You Want at the End. 

How does this work? You pay £25 to secure your spot. And you get to enjoy the full weekend workshops and focus.  Thent the very end, If you can and if you want –  you can pay us whatever you’d like to pay. We will pass the magic hat – and also happy to accept Paypal and card donations!

OR: if you prefer to pay the full market price because you want to and you can -there is also an option for that as well – we don’t mind what option you choose.

Save your space below


Mario Morris

Your host and founder of Bizarre Magic and Wizardry School. He has entertained audiences for over two and half decades in 27 countries. He is the winner of numerous first place awards. He is an expert Magician and is the founder of the School of Busking in the UK and a teacher at the Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas. He graduated from Oxford Brooke’s University with his own practice of alternative life and performances focused coaching.

Combine a coach, trainer and speaker with a inspirational magician and you have Mario Morris

Jeff McBride, Las Vegas Headliner Magician

Veronica Conway Morris

Veronica is your guide throughout this weekend.  She is passionate in seeing people reaching their goal and stepping into the fullness of their dreams. Her vast experience in mentoring and training spans over two decades. She public speaker, inspirational storyteller, Tarot reader and performer and a Magicians assistant.


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