Veronica and I have just returned from performing at a festival which was great fun. I was performing my Comedy Magic Show and Veronica was balloon twisting and story telling. We are now pleased owners of a fab new to us Camper Van. Which is perfect for such events,  festivals, and shows which have booked us this year. The bottom line here is Veronica and I love to travel even its just up the road and parking up on a beach – whatever the weather!

One of my observations at the last festival was performers that used or did not use rope! IE Rope to define the performing pitch on in witch one intends to perform their show.

Over the years I have performed with rope and widely without a rope. I have used the chain instead of rope, chalk, and even water. The Dynamic with out rope is huge in my mind. The rope is a physical barrier that you lay down and in some ways, you have to break. I think if you don’t need a rope lose it, whats it doing them anyway. Yes, there is a tone of stuff you can do with rope but it does not have to form a barrier.

Now working without a Rope may not be for the newbie if they are working for big crowds because you will need strong command over you spectators soon to become audience members this comes with experience! Working with out a rope just opens up your whole stage to the whole street if you like there is no boundaries, The World indeed is your Stage! Intimacy is forged in the early stages of your show as they can see your vulnerability. It is easier for walkthroughs and spontaneous responses all of which can make up a great show.

If you work with out a rope you will need to be clear with your audience what it is you want them to do.

For example, If you stood afar of from me and I was to say come closer with out defining it well that is just open to interpretation.
What is CLOSER an inch or six meters so close we can now kiss?
So when you ask them it is small groups at a time or even individuals you ask politely yet with command!
(you know it is in their best interest if they like to watch the show)! ie this is not an option, “if you want to watch my show I like you to stand/here” At the same time showing them where you like them to stand, one is to point to the very spot as you deliver your command which not only shows them where to stand, it enforces the command of eye contact, Tell them and point!