After a busy summer with festivals and busking then the Focus on Street Magic Class in Las Vegas with Mario and Jeff McBride, followed by a road trip exploring some of the mid-the Western States – we arrived back in the UK.

This is just a little blog from me – Veronica – to say we have updated our School of Busking website and Mario and some of his street performing friends have provided videos with some great tips and advice on street performing.  Some of the subjects Mario covers in his video blogs are attracting an audience, keeping your audience.   He talks with a regular street performer on the Strip in Las Vegas about the all important Hat Lines.  James James gives advice about Busking and Beyond, Starting  Small and Growing  Big and a lot more.  Owen Lean talks about busking in different climates and traveling as a Street performer.  Mario even caught up with Devious in San Diego and there is a guest interview with him too.

Find all the videos here – then click on photo of whose videos you want to catch up on.
We are working hard to make The School of Busking Website an informative, fun and interactive resource for all those interested in the Art of Street Theatre – so if you have any comments or subjects that you may want to see covered then leave a comment under the videos on School of Busking website – or leave a comment here.

Till next time.

Lady Vee