(Part 1 of 10 Top Tips)
So, you have developed a street show with the purpose of busking, a passport to the world, performing your show where ever you choose. I mean this is the romantic notion that so many young buskers aspire to. The old school buskers of the last century have left a legacy to live up to  –  freedom of world travel and an alternative lifestyle.  Street Performing – This is no simple profession that anyone can do but rather a choice of taking charge of the rest of your life.

With the growing modern world of political correctness, buskers are being presented with epidemic of bureaucratic rules and regulation. Not all bad but not all together good either.

Being  offered a short term contract to busk – is this is a good idea?

A growing trend these days is that a few resorts offer street performers flights, a place to stay, meals and basically all your expenses are covered and perhaps receive a small retainer. You may be expected to work three to five shows a day but you get to keep your hat although some resorts don’t allow you to pass the hat .

In short this can be a great arrangement for all parties concerned –  the street performer gets stage time, you can subsidise your retainer  with your hat if its part of the deal and you can meet some great people.  For the resort they receive high quality entertainment for cheap.  Finally there may be  a third party acting as your agent and making their cut on the deal as well.

Let me add here that the idea of providing buskers with flights, a place to stay, meals, all expenses covered and perhaps a small retainer is no new idea and in fact has being a practice of Busking Festivals for quite some time. The difference is simple though –  a Buskers Festival is focused on buskers who in turn are the rock stars of the event. Also the audiences go along to Buskers Festivals knowing that tipping the buskers hat is part of the deal.

A resort is not going to do this.  Their focus will always be what is best for the resort.   You,  as a busker are only there to serve to their end.

If you an agent or a resort who is considering hiring highly experienced street performers into your resort – be prepared to learn and grow, a good street performer is the expert. Create a democratic environment. Be transparent and honest about everything. If you not to sure how to run a busking event then talk to professionals  – we are here to help.  www.schoolofbusking.com

Part 2…  “To sign or not to sign” out tomorrow