Our European Magic Road Tour continues. This weekend I will be performing my family magic show at a fete in Mid Wales, as will Veronica who will be storytelling and Balloon twisting before returning to Cardiff performing our street show.

Then, on Tuesday we drive to Germany for one of my favorite street festivals in Bamburg. Pending an invite we may stay longer in Germany or return to the UK where we will be busking and performing on the South Coast before we do a turnaround and head back over to France and travel the to the North coast of Germany and sail to Sweden. By invitation, we will be busking in different towns, cities and visit an Island or two. This will take right up to the end of August possibly mid-September.

We will give you warts and all updates as we go. If you would like us to cover a particular aspect of our trip or care for some tips or ideas in regards to performing or busking just add it as a reply to this blog.