Some people will queue to leave through an open door that everyone is leaving from – I am the guy who will check the shut door beside it to see if its locked – and I have found it never is.

Taking risks helps us to grow, learn and develop. Living on the road is quite the norm to me, especially around places like Glastonbury town. However, on reflection, in mainstream society, it is not. Living in a caravan or motor home allows you to be free to do as you please. Performing magic shows, street theatre, creating things as well as art and crafts is all a form of self-expression.

Often people may not understand my alternative outlook and that’s ok. They may label me like a misfit, wanderer, gypsy, traveler, artist. Even amongst fellow magicians, I like to do things differently. For example, my cups and balls – which is a magic routine – is unique and different to any other magician in the world – ending with a table cloth pull. Here is a clip of me performing my shows…  

I love to discover new places to perform, often where no performer has performed before. To me, this is where the real magic begins – not with fame or glory but with being able to create something different – a piece of living history if you like. Even now, each show – that I have performed a thousand times before – is different. A different spark, a different audience, different energy. It’s the same show but each time I perform it, it is different and it creates change. Watch me perform it here 

My passion is to encourage you to explore you and become comfortable with you even when people can see you. It could be something subtle like writing or painting – but remember, words can become profound and art can transform mindsets. It could be a huge human endeavor like riding a bike around the coastline of Britain or holding your breath underwater whilst making a daring escape. It could be living life to the full, breaking through the things that hold us back. Living off-grid, traveling the World, starting a new venture.

Complete Focus Training

Over the years I have been invited not just to perform but to teach and it always a great privilege to become a mentor to many. The one thing that I see in people is their uniqueness. Their ability to express their creativity to sing, dance, play like nobody is watching or judging you.

I am a misfit, wanderer, gypsy, storyteller, artist, clown, fool, magician, magical wizard coach, lover and loved, nomad.

I am me. Pleased to meet you.

Mario Morris