The Power of the Full Moon 


Have you ever felt yourself over energised or over emotional?  Have you ever lay in bed and felt your body tinglying, your mind busy and unable to sleep – then you look out the window and realise that the moon is full?


The moon and how it effects us

When I was a coach, mentor and support worker for people with mental health issues, drink and drug addiction, whilst dealing with homelessness,  my work would often take me to day centres, night shelters or temporary accommodation – as well as the street themselves.  On many occassions, at the end of a day me and my collegues would look at each and say – “Wow! What a day” because so many of our clients became unsettled, over emotional and even on occassion violent.  Then I would outside and realise it was a full moon.


I became the worker in our practice to that would make the team aware of the full moon and to be ready for the unexpected.  They thought I was a bit ‘loony’ at first, but came to appreciate it and some would begin to ask… when is full moon coming?


65% of our body is water.

Our body is typically 65% water.  The moon powers the sea and the tides – is it any wonder we are effected by the moon? Since ancient times, the full moon has been the centre of mythology, legend and rituals, across the world.


Harness the moon energies

Regardless of your spiritiual path, you too, can harness the energies from the full moon and its energies – perhaps to focus on set an intention for the coming month.  We can use the energies from the full moon to generate change within ourselves.  Some have eloborate rituals for full moon, and others simply choose to bathe in the moon light and set positive change for themselves for the coming month. You can do it alone, or with friends.  There is no right or wrong way as long as your intent is pure and for the good of you or others. 


Moon Water

Fill a glass container and set outside on the night (or day) of the full moon, and allow it bathe in the full moon and become charged with the power of the moon.  The most important thing about your moon water is setting an intention when you place it outside- your intention should be pure and from the heart.   The next morning, your moon water is charged ready to do its magic.   If you are lucky enough to live somewhere with sacred or healing water, or clear spring water direct, then use that.Living here in Glastonbury I am lucky to be able to fill my glass container with water from the Red or White Springs. But don’t worry if you don’t live near a fresh or sacred water sources –  as I have stated the power if really in your intentions.


Some things you can do with your moon water:

Sip it whilst thinking or saying allow the pure intention that you charged the water with;

Bathe and cleanes your crystals in it;

Make a cleansing, power aura spray -put some in a bottle along with your favourite essential oil – I love lavender;

Water your plants with it.


There are many benefits and way to use your charged moon water. Now you know how to make it, you can prepare it for the next full moon.