Step into the realm of enchantment and mystery. Where magic meets the darker side of comedy.



What others say about Magic Wizardry

A powerful, moving, brilliant focus. I loved every minute of it. Mario and Veronica are fabulous trainers. Everything was presented in a clear way.

Tina Sayer

Family Life Coach

“Working with Mario is a great pleasure. He has years of experience and more importantly, he knows how to communicate this experience to the students of the arts.”

Jeff McBride

Founder of Magic and Mystery School, Las Vegas

“Mario Morris’s mastery of both indoor and outdoor Magic is really wonderful. I love his Work.” 

Eugene Burger (06/01/1939 – 08/08, 2017)

Grand Master of Magic

A lovely uplifting and life changing two days – it felt more like a week as we acheived so much!

Lorraine Fisher

Performer and organiser

This is a beautiful and spiritual experience in a spectacular setting filled with centuries of history.  (Mario and Veronica) created the most spectactular event. I feel lucky to have been part of it! Thank you

Delores Abdella Combs

Poet and Author

The Elemental walk was incredible. From the pressing of the apple cidar to the wind on the hillside, the walking through the archway of fire on The Tor, the grounding to the quenching in the w

Clinton Combs

Performer and Magician

“Coaching with Mario Morris is an invaluable tool to empower your self-development and your path to success.”

Rebecca Szwandt

Yoga teacher and founder Yoga studios - Strechy Suzies.

Can recommend attending one of their Fire Magic Retreats. This has been a truly transformational weekend, working with the elements and each other, forming a circle full of fun, focus & magic

Rindert Doornbos



Welcome to the School of Magic & Wizardry

A practice that integrates magic and performing skills, divination practice & self development. 

Truth seekers, spiritual practitioner, magicians, storytellers, bards & creative ones.

Dive safely into your creative-self and self-expression while deepening and enjoying your own personal well being.


  • Explore your alternative living focus
  • Develop yourself in balance with your passion

  • Learn to hold space, inspire others & perform

Discover life-changing practices

  • Alternative living with experienced practitioners Mario & Veronica Morris. Learn from performing, storytelling, growing, crafts and creative expression, sustainable living and so much more.
  • Self-development, the power of now, meditation, rituals, your story, positive self-talk and beliefs and connecting to nature.
  • Performing and inspiring others, attracting an audience both online and live. Magical presentations and rituals that transform and change lives as well as divination such as Tarot, readings and storytelling.

Life-changing practices

  • Stories and magic with meaning
  • Sacred Elemental experience 
  • Sacred circles, mindful guided meditation, drumming and movement.
  • Empowering presentations


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