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Weekend Focus






Magic Wizardry

Weekend Focus 

Magic Wizardry is a weekend focus in Glastonbury.  2024 dates to be confirmed.

Be your own best expert in a creative space. No previous experience is needed.

Your discovery of Magic with Meaning

Magic, Illusion, and Storytelling

Divination and Guided Meditation

Ritual, circle work, chants, holding space.

 A gathering for those who wish to bring magic, ritual and story into their lives. Here we will explore well-being, creative expression,  positive attitudes, self-development, mindful elemental fire rituals and workshops.

We will discover the power of storytelling, your own story and guided meditation. We will explore ritual and magic and discover how it can enhance our lives and you will learn how to infuse deeper meaning into your practice.  Discover the power of a our indoor Candle Fire Circle, drumming, chanting and bringing your intentions to the Fire on Saturday night. 

This is for anyone with a love for mystery and alternative thinking.

No previous experience is required – just an open mind and an open heart.

Come join us… 3 days of wonder, in the heart Avalon, Glastonbury. This is where you can develop your craft and enhance your practice in the company of like-minded fellow students and encouraging mentors. During this transformational retreat, you may participate in workshops, and exercises designed to empower and energise you and your practice.


Learn about

  • The power of storytelling and magic
  • Positive and Alternative Living
  • Readings, Tarot and divination
  • Importance of positive self-talk and belief
  • The Elements


  • Stories and magic with meaning
  • Partake in a sacred circle, mindful guided meditation, drumming and movement.
  • Empowering presentations
  • Workshops
  • Guided Meditation 
  • Indoor Alchemical Fire – Find out more HERE 


From seekers of inner truths to experts of their own practice to magicians to storytellers and bards whatever your path. If you have an interest in self-development,  magic and storytelling, healing, tarot, coaching and mentoring. If you want to have a deeper understanding of magic and apply that meaning to your life and practice this is for you.

This was an extremely enlightening weekend. 

October 2022

Julie Perks

Mario and Veronia are both full of kindness, inspiration and knowledge that they are so willing to share.

October 2022

Paula Wallwork

Incense Alchemist , Lilith Incenses, Glastonbury

A beautiful, traditional and magical experince. 

October 2022

Fay Hicks

Amazing space, with amazing people. Transformational.

October 2022

Adele Atherton


Testomonies from participants October 2019
A lovely uplifting and life changing two days – it felt more like a week as we acheived so much! Lorraine Fisher

What a beautiful experience, to get together with open, like-minded people. It really liberates the soul and I feel so a peace. Thank you.

Bryony Chapman

Artist, Lilith Incenses, Glastonbury

Mario Morris and Veronica Conway Morris are experienced facilitators of sacred events, coaches, readers and trainers for over 15 years.

Mario is a perfomer, Coach & Mentor (PGC Oxford Brookes University), ceremonial magician, storyteller, trainer, reader and traveller. With his vast experience and travels he runs Magic Wizardry transformational events with his wife and partner Veronica.

Veronica is a performer, coach, writer, qualified trainer(SQAL6) and traveller. She brings her unique training style and experiences to Magic Wizardry events.

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