The Magic of The Pendulum 

In the month of  November, we have been gathering in Glastonbury in The Miracles Room, on a Thursday evening for our Magic Wizardry Arts Circle. Here we create a sacred and safe space for people who want to learn, share and practice magical arts and raise energies through positive intentions.

Each week we create time for spiritual and intuitive development of the practice of divination. So far we have brought Tarot Cards, Scrying and Pendulums to our circle.


I find pendulums intriguing, powerful and helpful. My very first experience of dowsing with a pendulum was when I was very young. I must have heard about dowsing with pendulums from my mom, maybe seen something on TV or read about it in a magazine. Where ever I heard about it, it got me intrigued.

My Pendulum Test

For my first time using a pendulum I decided to use it on my mom. My mom was an alternative and beautiful soul. She was happy to be part of my experiment. I got some thread, and I asked her for her wedding ring.  

My Question to My Mom

Now what to ask…. As my mom by this time was at least in her mid 50’s I knew she wasn’t going to be having any more children, so the ultimate question and test in my mind was –  how many children would mom have. I knew the answer would be four – three girls and one boy. I asked my pendulum to give me the movement for boy and girl – circle for a girl, a diagonal line for a boy. I placed the pendulum over her palm and asked…. The pendulum started to move – circle, line, circle, circle…… hey, maybe this does work, but no – the pendulum was not finished yet. It made another definite circle and then stopped.

Well, I said to mom. That is disappointing, this pendulum dowsing doesn’t work after all. My mom looked at me and said sadly, “well, Veronica, it is right. Before you were born, I gave birth to  a stillborn little girl at nine months. So, I did have four girls and one boy.” I looked at my mom and gave her a huge hug. Not only did the pendulum accurately tell me about moms children, but much more importantly, it provided the opportunity for mom to tell me more about her life, allow her to open up to me and for me to ask questions to her. From here on in I was hooked! 

The Real Magic of Divination

To me, this is the real magic of divination – communication. Divination allows us to talk about things that are important to us and allows us to open up, sometimes to strangers. Divination can allow us to tap into what we already know, and allow us to bring clarity and focus to a situation.

How to use a Pendulum

To use your pendulum to help you with yes and no answers. Try the following.

1.Clear Your Mind

As with any divination, preparing yourself mentally is important. Take deep breathes, clear your mind and focus on your question.

2.Body position

Make yourself and your arm comfortable and place one palm out and hold the pendulum in your other hand above your palm. I place both my feet on the ground and make sure I am comfortable.

3. Clarify the Pendulum Movements.

Now you ready to find out your pendulum movements for yes, no and sometimes people like to know the answer for maybe.

To find out my pendulum movement I ask the question that I know that the answer is yes or no to – for example – is my name is Veronica. Some people prefer to ask – what is my yes and what is my no.

Most possible movements

  • Clockwise circle
  • Anticlockwise circle 
  • Diagonal straight line
  • Vertical straight line

If I have not picked up my pendulum for a while, I like to check in with my pendulums movements. Some people check every time they use it – this again, is a personal choice. There is no right or wrong.

4.Ask the question

Now you are ready to ask your question – make it a is yes or no question.

5.Using your Pendulum for others

Once you are confident in using your pendulum for yourself, you may choose to use your pendulum for others. 

When I use my pendulum for others, I use my yes and no movements for their questions. The person asking the question can either say the question aloud or clearly in their head again, other people have different systems for reading for others. You will find your way and preference.

My Pendulum

My current pendulum is a simple Rose Quart wand, wrapped in silver plated wire with a chain. The wand was given to me by a beautiful friend and felt right to make into a pendulum. I feel the calling for a new pendulum – I may make it or I may ask Mario Morris to create one for me, as I know it will be made with good intentions in love.

If you are looking for a new pendulum for you or friend, we have a small but growing selection of pendulums to buy here

Until next time