Planning the trip

As self employed, international entertainers, performers and coaches, it is always a big thing to plan an international visit in between busy seasons. There are many things to consider – flights, insurance and making sure all your regular financial commitments are covered when you are away. Even as nomadic travellers, there are still things that need to be covered on a monthly basis – though in the year since we left our accommodation, these costs happily go down and down every month. Besides that – there is nothing like a major part of your vehicle needed replaced the Friday before you fly on the Monday – sweet talking mechanics on a Friday afternoon to fix your show van takes charm! Its a good feeling, knowing you have done all you can do before you leave, to board that long haul flight to the USA

Flying off to Las Vegas!

Magic & Mystery School, Las Vegas

We left South Wales, UK 10 days ago to travel to Las Vegas, and it’s been an adventure from start to finish!. We are fortunate enough to spend a week with Jeff and Abigail McBride at the worlds most prestigious Magic & Mystery School – and have been visiting and teaching their every year since 2010!

The Magic & Mystery house/school is a mesmerising array of magic, theatre, masks, library, studio and all things magic – perfectly mixing with their own personal, beautiful belongings. Jeff and Abbi perfectly balance an inspirational school, theatre and home. Its a privilege for us to call it home for a week!

3 days after arrival we welcome the students for the Focus on Street Magic and then Mario Morris and Jeff McBride share their vast knowledge of street magic and Mario gives an in-depth lectures on how to attract a crowd, how to keep you audience and how to deliver your finale – all tips and advice of gold!

One of the most intense pitches in the world!

Mario with the assistance of local performer William Bradshaw, takes the students to one of the hardest and most intense street performing pitches in the world! Mario, Will and all the students perform on Fremont Street over the weekend and rock their shows! Amazing weekend with friendships and connections that I know will last a long time after class is over.

Mario Morris performing his show, Las Vegas

Magic shows, Las Vegas

In the meantime – in, around and during the class, we are fortunate enough to receive tickets for Frederic de silva Paranormal (read about it here), Xavier Mortimer’s show – Magical Dream (read more here) and VIP tickets to the Mat Franco show in the Linq Hotel & Casino (read more here). What a treat!

2 days of play in Las Vegas

At the end of our time at the Magic & Mystery school, where Mario Morris also had a day of teaching his finales as well as his Worlds Most dangerous Card Trick effect you can see a similar UK based class here we had a couple of days in downtown Vegas before we headed off.

We spent some quality time with a good friend then stayed in a great little hotel within walking distance of Fremont Street and enjoyed the craziness and quirkiness of downtown Vegas. We found a couple of cool bars and eateries and had lots of fun.

Mario Morris & Lady Vee, Las Vegas

Now, sitting in Amsterdam airport waiting for our final connection back to Wales and very much looking forward to our next adventures and busy summer season ahead!

Until next time……