Preconceptions of Real Magic

In the world of Magic, there is so much uncharted controversial debate arising around the term of real magic.  Are we chucking the baby out with the bathwater? 

Performing at Magic Bar Live, May 2019

Should creating real magical moments in peoples lives, be the aim of a true magician, storyteller or performer or should they distill the notion they just performed mere acts of tricks of I fooled you? 

This point has been stressed by so many masters of the arts or the true practitioner of believing. For example, the performer first must believe an item has vanished…. is the key to truly fooling their audience? It seems to me, ludicrous to then shatter the illusion of suggesting that it is just a trick of I fooled you.

Divination, Tarot & Christianity

In the world of magic, I often see a line that is drawn of what is acceptable and not acceptable to some. Take for example the practice of divination or just the use of tools from the practice, such as Tarot.

I struggled hard with this subject for many years – in fact for decades. This left me wondering where did  I develop all my preconceptions in the first place? There was such a time as a child, teens and my early twenties where I embraced the idea of spirits, gods, fairies and psychic powers without question. In fact, then as a true believer, I often felt I experienced what I perceived as real magical moments.

Then Christianity for a chapter came into my life and in short, this did not change my belief of paranormal existence but rather it trained me to think it was all evil. So the practice of magic as tricks alone was the only way left to entertain with. However, the years past and I discovered that I was a round peg being hammered into a square hole –  or was it the other way round? I revisited the whole notion of my thinking.

The Way of The Wizard

My training now took me down the path of first being a skeptic. I would start from the position that everything was fake. With that came the notion if you professed to the practice of divination you were either truly deluded or a charlatan. Yet underneath this was an attraction to a tribe of people I often found on the right side of tremendous good works and deeds. 

In 2005 a series of events began to unravel that would lead me to one of the biggest transformations of my life and of self-discovery. First, my now ex-wife and I separated which led to a divorce. The church I was attending at that time, turned its back on me and my work as a performer and speaker came to an abrupt halt. Over the next two years, I discovered who my real friends were and I had a choice – to rebuild my life or not. 

Positive Lifestyle

With a positive choice of moving on into the fullness of what life can offer, I discovered real magic really does exist. I began rebuilding my practice magic together of performing, public speaking, alternative life coaching and started to rebuild my life again. I meet the most beautiful lady, my true soul mate Veronica Conway now Veronica Conway Morris. I also began to build some wonderfully supportive friends both here in the UK and in the USA. Also, I began to objectively dare question my previous preconceived ideas and at the heart of these ideas., I discovered that fear was my ruler, not truth –  but fear. “Perfect love cast out fear” “…There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear…” (1 John 4:18 Bible)

Secretly at first I looked at the Tarot and began to wonder of its possibilities. In my studies, I compared them to the modern day pack of cards and I found the similarities to be striking. First of they are the same, other than the Tarot has higher arcane extra four extra court cards. If you removed them then you will be left with 52 lower arcane cards – just like a modern-day pack of cards. I began to practice amongst close friends and family. So much has changed and in one way I have done a full circle and returned to my childhood beliefs. I am now very comfortable with tarot but I would not claim to be a fortune teller. Instead, I see them as a tool which I can be used in reflective coaching where the sitter remains the master of there own life and destiny. I also use them for entertainment purposes where they are featured in my new show “The Spirit Wizard” both on stage and after dinner gatherings and events.

Now, I still remain first a skeptic who approaches things with a scientific mind.  However, I have taken off the glasses as best as I can, of prejudices and my preconceptions and I believe I can see now more clearly than ever could before.

What I have learned so far, we are each the masters of our own lives but with that, no one has absolute knowledge, so no one knows everything,  but what we do know is the truths we create for ourselves. 

What I have learned so far

Each and every perception is real and valid. Outside of our own reality that we created for our selves are experiencing that are just waiting to change our current perception.

There are lots of debates and arguments in the world of magic but what surprises me is often some arguments have been adopted as a moral high ground and it is not. The very stance is a contradiction in itself, often driven by fear of what one is not ready to work through a preconception of belief and limited knowledge. 

This begs the question – what is real magic and if you are approaching this subject with an open mind of knowing your self, that’s a good place to start. Yes, do question everything but if you want to grow don’t limit yourself or your magic by your own preconception and beliefs. 

“…Its major sub-law is the Law of Self-knowledge which says that the most important kind of knowledge is knowledge of oneself. This also has a very logical basis. Constant review and reorganizing of the contents of your mind and body lead to more effective survival. You might say that only when the machine is cleaned and greased are you thoroughly tuned for living. Its key phrase would be: “Know thy- self…” (Bonewits. Real Magic. p30 1974)

As a side note perhaps you find yourself at a crossroad in life and you feel you have come to a dead end. A coach can be a good way forward, qualified in my own practice of alternative life coaching and mentoring through Oxford Brookes I am able to offer you a free consultation. –  do feel free to email me and see if we can match up.

Lastly for now, If you find yourself asking the question of wonder,  that is  a good place to be. Keep on keeping on asking the question – wonder is at the heart of magic.

Mario Morris

Bonewits, P.E.I. 1974. Real Magic. London. Sphere Books

Find the book ‘Real Magic’ here on Amazon

(Readers guide – for the above blog I do not separate the world of magic and illusion from esoteric magic or for that matter day to day life. My reasoning is that my current stance is magic can be found everywhere and life is magic.)

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Preconceptions of Real Magic

Preconceptions of Real Magic

In the world of Magic, there is so much uncharted controversial debate arising around the term of real magic.  Are we chucking the baby out with the bathwater?  Performing at Magic Bar Live, May 2019 Should creating real magical moments in peoples lives, be...

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