Welcome to Magic Wizardry

From seekers of inner truths to experts of their own practice to magicians, storytellers and bards – whatever your path. If you have an interest in self-development, alchemy, Celtic shamanism, magic and storytelling, healing, tarot, coaching and mentoring. At our gatherings, all are equal and all are welcome. If you are wanting to have a deeper understanding of magic and apply that meaning to your life and practice then Magic Wizardry is for you.

Magic Wizardry and real Magic

(For a point of clarity – adding the letter k to the word magic to separate it from other meanings of the word magic is inconsistent with the notion that magic is in us and all around. To embrace the magic in all things, from self-development, divination, ritual, theatrical performance, slight hand, illusion to the celebration of life, magic can be discovered in all things)

Magical at work

Whatever ever life path you are following – living your life to the full is a choice. Taking charge of your own life, dreams, goals, work, passion and creative expression are either central to your outlook or a reminder of how and who you like to be. Real Magic can take intention and make it a reality.

To this end, we have created Magic Wizardry retreats, self-development and divination workshops, sacred rituals and celebration circles. We also provide training for the performer or practitioner who wishes to imbue their performance with a deeper meaning of magic.

Alongside our gatherings we provide one to one Magic Wizardry coaching and mentoring with a holistic approach that may include, tarot, scrying, guided meditation, and hypnosis.

Learn about

  • The power of ritual and magic
  • Celtic meditation
  • Divination development
  • Self-development rituals
  • Importance of positive self-talk and belief
  • Law of attraction
  • Working with the elements
  • The power of sharing your story


  • Intuitive coaching and readings
  • Mindful guided meditation
  • Stories and magic with meaning
  • Empowering presentations
  • A transformation walking ritual tour of Glastonbury
  • Fire ritual and sacred celebration
  • The company of encouraging mentors
  • One to one, group work or even remote life-changing focuses.

Here to help

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