The Magic Wizardry of turning your passion into your business.

What is your Passion?
Let’s get right in by asking you today -what is your passion? By that, I mean what is the one thing that excites you and that you enjoy it above all other things. This is something that you will have a history of doing and those who are close to you know and maybe even say that you are gifted in it. It may be that others say you have green fingers and are great working with nature or encouraging others to be the best they can be. Maybe you are creatively talented either as a performer or an artist – each and every one of us has a gift, talent or skill that we excel in more than someone who does it as just a job. In fact, this talent or area of expertise is something that you do with such passion you would do it for nothing – doing it for no other reason than the sheer reward of the joy and love you have for it.

I have coached and worked with hundreds of coachees all over the world and its the one thing that rings true in all of them. When these individuals tap into their skill set that they are most passionate about, the light and transformation in their lives is notable to them and to those all around them.

However, it is also true to say that many people have become so far removed from their inspirational passion that fires them up, that they don’t even recognise it when they talk about it. Instead they talk about it like a distant dream that others live but they can not imagine themselves ever doing it.

We often live our lives doing what we think we have to do without even attempting to do what we really want to do. So, the question “What is your passion?” is the first step that will bring in closer alignment to your creative spark, your mojo. This is where Magic Wizardry coaching begins.

My passion that has always been in my life is to travel and encourage people to live in their fullness of life. As long as I can remember I have angled towards doing just that – travel and fanning the flames of people’s creative spark. However, for the most part of my adult life, I did not recognise that passion in myself. Once I began to move  into this area there always seemed to be distractions. Now I can see that these distractions were preparing me for my life passion and calling.

Paid Hobbies!
Along my travels, I adopted a number of hobbies that quickly transformed into my business. I saw these ‘paid hobbies’ as a passport to the world of travel and exploring.

The first was jewelry making – this became my first trade for five years. This allowed me to travel and meet people, unknowingly, I slipped into my first role of teaching and taught people to do the very same trade. From crafting jewelry to making display boards and transforming this into a nomadic traveling business I taught others to do the same.

Yet I could not see this was my passion for coaching and mentoring.The second trade became my career street performing and magic – busking  – this became the bedrock for my living while traveling for over two decades around the world. As I became more experienced my desire to help other just naturally fell into place with invitations to lecture, teach and run workshops. Then in 2006, I ran a weekend focus on street performing, and we had such a successful weekend that the whole concept grew arms and legs and I started to get invitations to teach around the world. Even with all these breakthroughs, I was the only person who could not see it. To such a point that the whole concept terrified me.

p1040233The third area was more about accepting where my passion lies. The penny was just about to drop. In one chapter of my life, I was caught in a groundhog scenario, It kind of went like this. “I think I should be coaching and mentoring instead of coaching and mentoring people.” NO that is not a misspelling that is what how I was living and what I was saying. I used to say I am going through a transformation instead of owning who I was and accepting it.
I have fallen in love with the unreserved passion of seeing people stepping into the fullness of their passion, calling and life dream and goals. Since I founded the School of Busking in 2006 I have lectured, coached and performed in over 27 countries both at events and one on one. I have helped people across an array of backgrounds to become the best of what they want to do. From working with magicians, circus performers, yoga teachers, teachers and entrepreneurs.  My skills as a coach and mentor excelled once accepted my life passion and calling. I also went onto to study Coaching and Mentoring at Oxford Brookes Universty and I graduated with my own practice that I now call Magic Wizardry Coaching and Mentoring.
If you made it this far well done, I am here to help.
I want you to imagine that you have a REAL magic wand, perhaps pick up a pen and or something that can represent a magic wand. Imagine if you were to wave this wand it would mean tomorrow morning you would wake up in the fullness of your dream passion
My question for you is this – what would it look like? …In other words, what would you be doing differently tomorrow from what you are doing today?
(Take as long as you need to think this through before moving onto the next question but do write this down, draw it if you prefer or simply hold it in your mind’s eye.)
Now ask yourself what is the one thing you can do today or in the next 24 hours that will bring you one step closer to making your passion into a greater reality in your life and act on it.

Two short stories of exceptional human beings
In 2009 a young man enrolled onto the School of Busking, he was very reserved and somewhat shy young man. He was very keen to learn yet he seemed to be so gentle and softly spoken I was hesitant to let him perform on our closing day. Instead, I suggested we work together as I would be passing through to his hometown in Cambridge later that summer. We ended up working together for two seasons on the streets. and I watched him evolve into his own confidence and determination. He went on to perform at the House of Illusion in Spain for a season and then on Cruise ships. His passion is excellence and he wanted to become a World Class Magician. He became a Magic Circle Member and went on to become the first Magic Circle Close up Magician to win for two years consecutively 2017 -18 and he continues to grow from strength to strength. His name is Matthew Le Motte – he said – “I can honestly say I would not be anywhere near the performer I am today if I had not attended Mario Morris’s School of Busking.”

You see – passion will fire up passion, on the one hand, you have one striving for, on the other hand, a coach and what do they share his passion for positive results.
The number one thing that gets in our way of us living in the fullness of our dream is fear.
Fear of what others are going to say,
Fear of failure
Fear of feeling like a fraud
Fear of public speaking
Real heart, gut-wrenching fear.
To see it, own it and do it – is the key to discovering your passion and achieving your breakthrough.

A closing story
Bike for life

At the beginning of 2017, I was contacted by a man who saw me at my stall at the Blackpool Magic convention. This is the biggest and oldest Magic convention in the World with over 3000 magicians attending each year. He explained he was intimated by the convention. He said he felt like he could not talk to anyone because he almost felt like a fraud for being there. That day before he left early to go home, he plucked up enough courage to take just one business card off my table without speaking to me. He contacted me early in March 2017.  He said he didn’t like groups and preferred to work one on one with me. So we started to meet and over the course of the next year, and changes started to happen from the off start. It is what is referred to as a shift and how he was seeing himself. His confidence grew, he enrolled on to the School of Busking. Then one day he dared to share a dream big. He wanted to cycle around the coast of the UK, performing magic shows as he went. This former postman that had moved into semi-professional magic was transforming himself by changing the way he viewed himself.  He predicted  3500 miles to cycle around the UK  but instead his journey took his 5,500 miles around the coastline of UK, whilst street performing. He aim was to raise £10,000 for Farm For Life in Ghana. Four months later with just 200 miles left of his life-changing journey, we meet up in Glastonbury and as we stood on top of the hill there to watch the sunrise. The transformation I saw in him was blinding. He had become a giant, with the confidence of a lion. This is Colin Lanfear, who performs magic shows and give inspirational talks with confidence.

In summary – let me ask you once again.
What the one thing you can do today that will bring you one step closer to your dream, passion or goal?

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