Waning moon ritual

Waning Moon Ritual 

Last night we held a Magic Wizardry Arts Circle here at Coed Hills.  We are lucky to live in a community so we are one of the few practices that can continue with indoor circle work.

The full moon was over a week ago, and is now waning and heading towards New or Dark moon.

During this phase of the moon, it is a perfect time to clear our and let go.

We cleared out what has become our new Magic Wizardry studio, and make space for our spiritual practice, our coaching practice, our Tarot practice and practical work. It was a perfect time to make space.

We held our circle last night and part of our intentions was letting go.  Here is Magic Wizardry’s  Waning Moon Ritual. Perhaps you may find it useful and maybe tweak it so that it fits in with your practice.

Create a sacred space

We cleared the room and smudged it with sage earlier in the day. We smudged everyone with sage, then created a circle by calling in the Elements and acknowledging each individual gifts of the elements.

Acknowledge recent accomplishments

It is important to celebrate our achievements, so we went around the circle, thinking about what we had achieved or accomplished or felt good about in the past month. This brought a smile to everyone’s face as we celebrated our own and other achievements.


Blockages – things to let go off

Now it is time to look at anything that blocked you or held you back or something that you want to let go off. It could be a habit, a thought process, or even a person. We took a few minutes to really think about what we were ready to let go off. Each person wrote down or drew what it was they were ready to let go off.

Working through our intention

We wanted to raise energy and work through our letting go process.  We did through chant, shakers and drums. We sang a chant for each element and as we moved through the elements we:

  • Allowed Air to blow away what we wanted to let go of
  • Allowed Fire to transform our intention into smoke and blow away with the wind
  • Allowed Water to heal and cleanse the space it will leave behind
  • Allowed Earth to ground us and send what we want to let go off deep into Mother Earth.

We then took our pieces of paper to the fire and let the fire transform what we wanted to let go into smoke and dissipate into the air.

I shared that as the moon wanes, allow the intention of what we want to let go off to disappear as the moon gets smaller and allow the Universe to take it away. Go with the flow, do not give energy to it, just allow the magic to do its work.

Now…. get ready for the New Moon and what you want to bring into your life next week.

Until next time