All of us undergo creative thinking.  At an early age, we call this play. From picking up a thin branch to it becoming a sword or building with Lego and it becoming a spaceship. We know in reality that that branch does not actually become a well crafted two edge battle implement that is to be wielded by a mighty warrior in defense of his kingdom!  Neither do the well-assembled blocks of Lego become a real spaceship capable of deep space travel – but in the imagination of a child, it is quite the contrary.

This is the world of real Magic.   Believing it to be so – with a childlike belief and creative thinking – a magical world of make-believe is born. In this world nothing is impossible and all is possible – from epic adventures across wild terrains to walking through enchanted forests to close encounters with the third kind.

Often magic seems to be performed as a magical effect.  A  trick – perhaps a very clever trick but none the less a trick.  Please don’t misunderstand me here.  I love watching well-rehearsed magic,  but if it is performed without true wonderment of belief and a ‘ look at me I am so clever ‘ attitude I tend to drift.

There seem to be reams and reams of headless magicians on YouTube performing clever magic tricks and to be honest, I find it hard to watch them.  They seem divorced from real belief or any connection or want of creating a real magical moment. But every now and then you catch one performance and for those precious moments you have swooped away to a land of wonder and make-believe. A live performance acted out in front of you whether on stage or close up and personal.

If a storyteller, circus performer, dancer, Magician or a street performer – a  performer or performance that is able to draw you into their world of make believe and for those moments make you forget about the day to day cares and worries of your own life – then that performer is achieving real-valued entertainment. After all, why did you watch the performance in the first place other than hoping for a little bit of escapism!

Creative thinking and processing can give birth in reality. If one’s aim, through their performance,  is to create a magical moment in someone’s life I believe this can have a lasting effect on someone.  I have seen the simplest of effects performed with real belief bring smiles to people’s faces and looks of wonder and amazement. All things are possible in the magical world of wonder. Think of early man and his club to the two edge sword to the space shuttle breaking the world’s orbit.

Play Time

In the modern day of a fast paced society and instant gratification of fast food and the world wide web, we seem to be losing touch with our childlike ability to play. For example instead of using our imagination of storytelling we turn to the TV box and watch a program instead.   There is the little effort here on our part other than escapism –  not to say that this is a bad thing. I have personally chosen not to have a TV as I find it too much of a distraction!

A good place to start if you have not done so already is to create time and space.   Not everyone has the luxury to have their own creative studio but it is possible to achieve this in the smallest of spaces, or even just the space you find yourself in. The hardest thing to find in our fast-paced lives is time. Time,  I suggest is the first thing you must create. Start by stopping trying to find the time – instead just create it. You will find this deeply rewarding.  Time set aside for you to play in and rediscover the childlike tendencies to play.

Time to Create Space

You will need some time to create your own space, your own creative environment. For the past two years, I have been blessed with my own Magic Studio that we call The Magic Centre.   I share this with my wife Veronica and performing friends who wish to use it. This has not always been the case.   For example, for  around 4 years Veronica and I lived and traveled in a motor home (RV) and during this time my magical space was locked away in one suitcase. This I would take out and lay out around me either in the motor home or under shaded trees. Armed with a notepad and pencil and books that perhaps were inspiring me at the time and the magical effects that I was working on-  I would just play with ideas.  I would occasion running to the back of the motor home to lay my hand on another prop.

You see it is possible to create space for yourself wherever you are even if it as small as just notebook and pencil. There are great benefits to having a static studio. This is where your props and creative tools are around all the time you so you can work and live and have your time being in your own creative space!

  • Create the time to create space;
  • set time aside without distraction (you may need to tell friends and family what you are doing “please do not disturb me during this time”);
  • a tidy space is a creative space;
  • make a record of your ideas before you forget them;
  • seek out inspiration outside of your space (i.e. other  disciplines, mentor, friends);
  • music at times can be inspiring being played in the background;
  • learn to play – even at first it seems foolish;

There is a difference between creatively playing, practicing, rehearsing and dress rehearsal but play should be a part of the whole creative process. I will be going into this in the later post!

Over the next few weeks and months I will be going into creative thinking in greater detail – creating a character/s, creating material, creating a show, creating magical routines.

Until next time.